Should You Invest In These New Bedding Companies?

When eyeing on investing in today’s bedding companies, we would think twice if the industry is a profitable one, just like any investor would. We know that the bedding industry has been thriving for decades and its products, though built for long-term, are necessities.

Online bedding retailers will be the trend, slowly taking a market slice from traditional physical outlets. Consumer demand for beddings not only come from residences but also bigger sectors like hotels and hospitals. Demand is determined by the growth of the housing market, as well as the effects of wealth.

The bedding industry has related products like mattresses. The production of the latter needs materials like crude oil and iron, which prices have plummeted. Furthermore, the housing market is bouncing back. As the economy improves, people will settle for new houses and need new mattresses. This is favorable to the bedding companies.


Let us consider a firm that offers mattresses, Intellibed. When we read a review of this company, we will likely see impressions that it is unique. Credit goes to the material it uses in the mattress comfort layer. Instead of using foam, it makes use of a gel material that boosts durability and pressure relief.

For instance, their model, the Intellibed Posture Perfect Lo-Motion sports an Intelli-Gel top layer, the next of which is a high-density polyfoam while a coil system that is pocketed steel is in its support layer. The Intelli-Gel is what makes the product stand out since it reduces pressure points.Their product line looks poised to be strong for years to come and are one of the top choices if you’re looking to invest in any of the new mattress companies.

Another strong reason to invest in this company is the Intellibed review industry that is out there. They provide lots of great press for the brand and have helped grow it into a real up and coming powerhouse in the industry.

Tempurpedic mattress

You’ve probably heard of the Tempurpedic mattresses, as it’s one of the top names in the industry today. You might be thinking it’s late to get in on this brand as it’s more established but the truth is the mattress industry is not even close to the peak yet and this brand being one of the top ones will continue to grow.  

Investing in bedding companies

Now back to the question if investing in bedding companies is a wise move. These companies are in an industry that has been existing for decades. Like any investment, a risk is present, but it promises signs of success. Beddings and mattresses are part of anyone’s life, hence are necessities.

Big players such as Intellibed and Tempurpedic also invest and believe in their products. It looks like they are determined to stay and are strong companies to invest in. For detailed information about other issues please visit our website @ or follow us on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We’ll be glad to hear from you.


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