Badr-Bank is a blog that will provide you with lots of information about the latest news in the banking industry as well as vital information you need to know about a particular bank. This blog will help you decide the most suitable bank for you whether you’ll need a bank for savings, investments or other transactions. Below are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind before choosing a company. The information given here will also serve as the introduction of what this website can offer.


Core Values of a Bank



  • Trust


Basically, a tall building of a bank is a fortress of money. The bank is a symbol of trust and solidarity. With the passage of time, banks started to construct more powerful skyscrapers as their offices.

Theses strong and powerful buildings of the bank provide a sense of trust and security to their customers. However, Bank itself is not a building it is more than a building because if a bank does not have a strong building or walls, people still trust the bank and people who are working there. Therefore, the trust of the customer on the bank is of a paramount importance.



  • Integrity


Banks serves as the protector of public funds. They take care of the funds by providing extraordinary security arrangements. Strong companies and company professionals give the guarantee to the customer that their funds are in safe hands and they will return whenever you will demand. Integrity is the bank’s reputation, and without good reputation or good integrity, the banks therefore could not be trusted.



  • Excellence


Banks should always strive for excellence; they should give nothing but the best service to their customers.



  • Innovation


Innovation, perhaps, is the most important core value of a bank in the modern days because banks always endeavor to adopt the technology to provide a great experience to their customers.

Nowadays, you are not supposed to visit the bank, you can make your transaction through ATM’s or through the internet. Banks spend a lot of money to make customer experience great.

Interestingly, now, banks are providing banking facilities into your kitchens. Even, you can make a transaction on the mirror of a microwave.



  • Respect


As banks are in the customer services industry, they give paramount respect to their customers. Banks spend a lot of money on the training of their staff to provide glorious services to their customers.

It is not only in modern days, banks have a long tale of providing brilliant customer services to their customers since the 18th century. That is the reason for developing trust among customers.


  • Customer Centricity


Customer centricity is an essential value that develops a trust of the customers. Banks thrive to know the customer needs and their expectations and try to surpass the. They try to understand the realized and unrealized needs of the customers. They go to delight the customer, not customer satisfaction.


Hence, these are the core values of a bank that make a long lasting impression on the customer to put their money in the bank. Banks does not only provide security to the money of the customer but also they provide value to the customer and, in return, customers are happy to put their money in the bank.